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Examples of Automated Wordcounts
Our Wordcount Really Saves Your Time
MEMOrg Wordcount is an automated tool designed for the translation market.

Counting the text in your documents has never been easier! Not to mention you can use it for free and saves you a lot of precious time!

You simply send your documents to our server and automatically receive the Wordcount report via e-mail.

That’s it! You don’t do any manual computations, any file manipulation, or any conversion. Just send your documents and receive the report.

The Wordcount report that you will receive contains information regarding the number of words, characters, letters, and digits in each file as well as for the entire batch of files.

Key features

Files accepted for analyse (by extension): pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, csv, html, txt, rtf, jpg, jpeg, png

Files accepted for analyse (by type): Adobe Acrobat Document, Microsoft Office 2003, Office Open XML, HyperText Markup Language, Text File, Rich Text Format, and Image Files

OCR: Optical Character Recognition is automatically performed for non selectable files (PDF or image files). You can even download the successfully converted version for those files

Initiating a new report: a) Uploading files to your File Manager (valid for registered users only) or
b) Sending files by e-mail (valid for both demo and registered users)

Receiving a report: The report is automatically sent to your registered e-mail in PDF and/or HTML formats as per your request. All reports are saved and accessible through your account.

Processing time: Typically the report is ready in a couple of minutes from your request

Languages accepted: Your files can be written in any language. However, words cannot be accurately determined for languages written in Scriptio continua

Maximum file dimensions: 1 GB when uploading, and 500 MB when sending e-mail

Units of measurement: You can select your unit of choice from the predefined list: Word, Page of 1500 chars, spaces included, Page of 1500 chars, without spaces, Page of 1800 chars, spaces included, Page of 1800 chars, without spaces, Page of 2000 chars, spaces included, Page of 2000 chars, without spaces, Page of 300 words

Price: Our wordcount is free of charge

Confidentiality: All documents are automatically deleted from our server 7 days from your transmittal. No file will be accessible by any other person. All operations on your files are performed automatically.

Installation: There is no installation required on your computer. All processes are performed on our server.

How to get access: Wordcount feature is available by default to MEMOrg registered users. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up here and then navigate to File Manager menu.

Don’t want to sign up? You can still try it for free here:
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