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Terms and Conditions
For the purpose of this document, the following definitions and abbreviations apply:
- terms and conditions of use, terms for short, mean all restrictions, limitations, conditions and notices issued by the website administrator for the correct and lawful use of the webpage
- MEMOrg means the trademark MEMOrg, the domain, the database based on which MEMOrg is designed, including all the texts that form the translation memory and the entire software platform rendering functional
- Serious Business, a Romanian privately held company, is the rightful administrator and owner of MEMOrg.
- A shared segment is a sequence of words and/or other characters, drafted in a certain language, resulting from the creation of a translation project with the feature "Shared terminology".
- A terminological equivalence is a connection with certain features between two segments written in different languages.
Signing up and Access
The registration in of MEMOrg version 2.0 may be achieved via invitation from existing members or by the signing up procedure of your new account.
Invitations are issued by the existing users of MEMOrg. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure a high quality translation memory.
Each user can send maximum five invitations by e-mail, directly from MEMOrg, preferably to translators with an experience of minimum 3 years.
After accepting the invitation, the new user must fill in a CV, to be further validated by Serious Business.
The translation memory, the search module as well as the glossaries are only available to the new user after his/her CV validation.
Rights of Use
Serious Business can grant the right of use of MEMOrg to any legal or natural entity in Romania or in any other country, according to:
- MEMOrg promotion policy
- relevant interests or legal constraints
- Serious Business’ short or long term business objectives
Whereas one of the objectives is for MEMOrg to become the most important online translator community, during the preliminary stages or the stages subsequent to the system launch, Serious Business shall grant the right of use of MEMOrg mainly to translators, i.e. the natural or legal persons working in the translation field.
The right of use:
- is guaranteed to every user during the validity of his/her individual account,
- can be limited or cancelled for causes related to the quality of terminological equivalences entered by that user or to the promotion or confidentiality policy of MEMOrg.
Serious Business owns the copyrights to MEMOrg.
A translator’s use of the translation memory, glossaries or the translation memory search grants that user the right of use of the resulting texts and Serious Business shall not request the payment of any additional taxes therefore.
Serious Business has the right to use the entire database existing in Version 2.0, i.e. all translations and equivalences between segments, according to its business interests.
The user commits not to enter into MEMOrg information subject to copyrights of a third party, without the express prior approval of the latter. Otherwise, the use shall e liable for all the legal consequences of this action, while Serious Business shall be held harmless for the same.
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